Jiangsu: Need To Do A Good Job In The Improvement Of Chemical Industry

Date:Apr 02, 2019

Learned from the jiangsu provincial government network, March 31, governor wu zhenglong presided over a special meeting to study the province's chemical industry renovation and upgrading work. He stressed that to follow the Chinese characteristic socialism internalized in the mind, externalized in line, resolutely implement the general secretary xi to jiangsu work spirit of a series of important instructions and to xiangshui special major explosion accident of the "3 · 21" important instructions requirements, the full implementation of the new concept of development, from these mistakes, cross the rubicon, common-sense, better late than never, in a more resolute stronger more scientific measures comprehensively promote intrinsically safe level, promote the development of green chemical industry development, safety, high quality development.

Report in listen to the relevant departments and experts opinion suggestion, cheng-lung wu pointed out that the xiangshui "3 · 21" extremely large explosion accident lesson painfully, we have to profound reflection on the practice of new ideas new concepts, adheres to the focus of people's development thought in the gap, further correct achievements view development view, extreme responsible spirit with the people to pay special attention to the chemical industry regulation ascension work, firmly hold the safety production of the red line of the bottom line.