Jiangsu Will Close 60% Of Chemical Parks In Three Years

Date:Apr 09, 2019

On April 5th, Jiangsu Yancheng City decided to completely shut down the Xiangshui Chemical Industry Park. At the same time, according to the provincial chemical industry rectification and upgrading plan, the city's chemical industry parks and chemical enterprises' rectification standards were further raised, and the “Zhuhua District” was supported in various regions. At the same time, the Jiangsu Provincial Government Office recently issued the "Jiangsu Province Chemical Industry Remediation Improvement Plan (Draft for Comment)", clarifying that by the end of 2020, the number of chemical production enterprises in the province will be reduced to 2,000; by 2022, the province's chemical production The number of enterprises does not exceed 1,000. The "Proposal" also required to fully promote the rectification and upgrading of chemical parks, and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of 50 chemical parks in Jiangsu Province. According to the evaluation results, the pressure was reduced to about 20.

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