Jizhou: The Price Of Seed Cotton Keeps Rising; Cotton Farmers And Cotton Enterprises Are Enthusiastic

Date:Dec 19, 2019

On December 18, Hebei Hengshui monitoring station, the national cotton market monitoring system, conducted a weekly survey on the current delivery proportion, price and mentality of cotton farmers in Jizhou District, Hengshui City. It was found that the recent small increase in the local purchase price of seed cotton, coupled with the ice breaking of real estate cotton sales, had increased the enthusiasm of cotton farmers for selling cotton, and the enthusiasm of cotton purchase and processing enterprises also kept pace with it In.

Up to now, the total amount of seed cotton sold has accounted for 55.71% of the total amount of seed cotton picked, up 7.14 percentage points month on month, down 15.32 percentage points year on year. On the 18th, the purchase price of grade 3 seed cotton of local cotton enterprises was 3.20-3.22 yuan / Jin, with the required percentage of lint being 39% and the moisture regain being 10%. According to this standard, the price was adjusted by about 0.05 yuan / Jin for every 1% increase or decrease of lint, which was 0.03-0.05 yuan / Jin higher than that on the 11th (the same period last week), basically consistent with the purchase price of seed cotton in the same period last year.

Since December, the price of local seed cotton has continued to rise slightly. The reason is that in recent years, following the process of Sino-U.S. trade negotiations, the price center has continued to rise. Moreover, with the recent arrival of textile enterprises to look at goods, cut samples, make indicators and negotiate prices, the confidence of local cotton enterprises in the market around New Year's Day 2020 has greatly increased. On the one hand, the sales quotation of real estate new cotton has been increased in Ming Li, but not in Ming Li On the other hand, the purchase price of seed cotton has been increased, and the daily purchase quantity has increased by about 30%, attracting local cotton farmers to sell cotton, so as to ensure that the quantity of seed cotton processed by lint can keep up. There is also an incentive to attract local cotton enterprises to increase the price increment acquisition. Since the first ten days of December, the sales price of local cottonseed has increased from 1.13 yuan / jin to 1.23 yuan / jin at present. Moreover, with the approaching of double festival, the market demand for cottonseed oil has increased, which makes the later period of seed still maintain a certain appreciation space. The price of cottonseed has increased, and the price of lint processing cost will decrease inversely, It can naturally offset the adverse factors of cost increase brought by the rising price of seed cotton, which to a certain extent strengthens the confidence of cotton enterprises.