Kuangda Technology Won The Product Development Contribution Award Of China Textile Federation In 2019

Date:Jan 03, 2020

At the recent China Textile Innovation annual meeting, Kuangda technology group won the "2019 product development contribution award of China Textile Industry Federation", and Cheng Yonggang, the group's chief engineer, took the stage to receive the award and accept the license. This is the "2018 top ten categories" awarded by China Textile Industry Federation following the company's independently developed product "self-cleaning, bacteriostatic and antistatic composite functional vehicle seat cushion" Textile innovative products "won another heavyweight award.

In order to encourage enterprises to innovate in product development and management, establish a pioneer enterprise in product development and management innovation in China's textile industry, establish and promote a product development and innovation management mode of sustainable development, improve product design market competitiveness of China's textile enterprises, and promote industrial upgrading and the construction of a strong textile country, China Textile Industry Federation launched 2019 China in the whole industry The application and evaluation activities of the product development contribution award and Promotion Award of the textile industry federation involve the R & D and production enterprises in the whole textile industry, such as fiber, yarn, fabric, clothing, home textiles and industrial textiles, dyeing and chemical additives, textile machinery, etc.

In view of the achievements and achievements of Kuangda science and Technology Group in product development strategic planning, management system construction, independent design and innovation achievements, popular trend interpretation, industry university research cooperation, social responsibility and other comprehensive aspects, China Textile Industry Federation has given high recognition and affirmation. The company will also take this as an incentive to continuously broaden innovation ideas, upgrade innovation ideas, practice the design, R & D and manufacturing concepts of green environmental protection, health and safety, and people-oriented, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.