leading Disperse Dyestuff Factory disperse dye sublimation dye

Date:Sep 03, 2016

Disperse dye sublimation dye sublimation inks heat transfer inks

  • Model NO.:blue 359, 360

  • Colour:Blue

Product Description

Disperse Blue 359 sublimation inks sublimation dyes 

Disperse Blue 360 sublimation inks sublimation dyes 

We are manufactuer of dyestuffs in China. We also can provide all kinds of transfer printing dyes including disperse red 60, disperse blue 14, disperse blue 72, disperse yellow 82, disperse yellow 54, disperse red 375, disperse blue 60, disperse blue 3, disperse blue 56, disperse orange 25 and so on. leading Disperse Dyestuff Factory disperse dye sublimation dye 

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