Market Status And Prospect Analysis For Disperse Dye

Date:Mar 18, 2020

China's disperse dye market has stabilized, and the market for larger varieties is basically controlled by several large enterprise groups. These newly developed enterprises, even private enterprises, also adopt ISO9000 quality assurance system for management. The export of disperse dyes can maintain a high export volume in the market under the impact of the slowdown in the growth of the three major economies in the world, indicating that China's disperse dyes have strong market competitiveness and high market share in the international market rate. With the further improvement and development of polyester fibers, especially the development of ultra-fine polyester fibers and profiled yarns, the demand for disperse dyes in the domestic and foreign markets has increased, and the quality requirements for disperse dyes have continued to rise. In particular, disperse dyes for polyester microfibers will have a major breakthrough.

Disperse dyes account for 55.2% of China's total output of dyes, and are close to two-thirds of the world's annual output of disperse dyes, becoming the world's largest producer of disperse dyes. Among them, solid dosage forms (powder and granular) disperse dyes account for 85% to 90% of the total output (the global proportion is 67%); while liquid dosage forms (liquid and paste) disperse dyes account for only 10% of the total output. 15%. China's disperse dyes are highly concentrated, and the market share is mainly divided by several giants.