Material Prices Rebound Yarn Weak Stability

Date:Jun 20, 2019

China cotton net news: last week (June 10-14), zheng cotton futures bottomed out rebound, reserve cotton wheel out of the volume of prices have rebounded, to play a supporting role in yarn market. Week, the main yarn weak stability, individual drop. Business orders are still scarce and shutdowns are increasing.

Cotton. Zheng mian futures have recovered slightly. Last Friday (June 14), the closing price of the CF1909 contract, the main contract of zheng mian, was 13,425 yuan/ton, 490 yuan/ton higher than the closing price of 12,935 yuan/ton on June 6. Reserve cotton round out a small recovery in turnover rate, prices mixed. The weather in xinjiang is favorable for cotton growth. Most cotton in northern xinjiang enters the fifth true leaf stage, while most cotton in southern xinjiang is in bud. Affected by the rise of zheng cotton, cotton traders' "basis of sales" quotation has been continuously increased, with a range of 300-500 yuan/ton. South xinjiang "one price" hand-picked cotton inquiry, look at the goods are also slightly improved, individual supervision warehouse road transport slightly restored. Cotton grows well in shandong, jiangsu and other inland areas, with plant height of 20-30 cm. Spot price fluctuation of local cotton production is not big, the price of tertiary cotton production is about 14000 yuan/ton.

Other ingredients. Polyester staple fiber prices rose slightly. As of June 16, the quotation of 1.4d *38mm polyester staple fiber in jilu area is 7550 yuan/ton, which is 50 yuan/ton higher than the price on June 7. Sales are normal, large orders can be negotiated according to quantity. As of June 16, hebei area 1.5D*38mm viscose staple fiber factory price 11600 yuan/ton, 1.2D*38mm viscose staple fiber 11600 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week price fell 200 yuan/ton, the actual transaction slightly negotiable.

Pure cotton yarn. Due to upstream raw materials appear to stop falling signs of stability, cotton yarn weak and stable. However, textile companies said that June is the traditional slack season for yarn, with few orders and slow payment collection. As of June 14, a factory in weifang, shandong province 21S high-spinner ring spinning with cotton yarn price 22,400 yuan/ton; 32S high with ring spinning knitting cotton yarn quoted 23,400 yuan/ton, the price is stable. According to the enterprise introduction, since the middle of may, the pure cotton yarn fell by 1000-1500 yuan/ton, the enterprise is in the state of cost upside down. Into the middle of June, the suspension of production enterprises continue to increase.

Other yarns. Week, polyester yarn, cotton yarn prices rose slightly. As of June 16, a factory in weifang, shandong province 32S polyester yarn factory price 16000 yuan/ton (tax included), compared with June 7 increase of 300 yuan/ton, sales volume is ok, the volume of transactions slightly preferential. The quotation for 30S of cotton yarn of a factory in zhengzhou, henan is 17400 yuan/ton, which is 200 yuan/ton higher than the previous week. The sales volume is general and the large single quantity can be negotiated.

Import yarn. According to traders feedback, nearly a week OE yarn, 7-16s siro yarn and ring spinning imported yarn inquiry shipment overall decline state, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other countries for the carding 21S, 32S with high white yarn demand more light. Inside and outside yarn price upside down expansion, traders shipping pressure increases. By the 16th, China's main port imported yarn inventory increased to about 150,000 tons.