Measures To Improve The Stability Of Dyeing

Date:Oct 18, 2019

Measures to improve the stability of dyeing are:

1 Disperse the dye at 140 ° C and use a concentrated dispersion;

2 temperature control is best when dyeing liquid is heated;

3 using a dispersing agent having a protective colloidal action;

4 no need for turbidity additives at high temperatures;

5 Wash all dyes and yarn auxiliaries including emulsifiers before dyeing;

6 When dyeing at high temperature, no carrier or non-ionic leveling agent should be added until most of the dye has been dyed on the fabric;

7 without salt, only adjust the pH with acetic acid;

8 yarn or piece dyed fabric should be properly shaped and laboratory tests to ensure dispersion stability of the disperse dye.