Metal Complex Solvent Dyes Solvent Black 28

Date:Jul 14, 2017

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Brief Introduction:
Advanced water-based dyes is kind of 1:2 dyes. This series products suit wide range, environmental with excellent performance, which also can soluble in water-based resin infinitely& water. Our product's content is 5% higher than the like products in the market.It is not thickness, quality stable, and bright colorful.

Product Usage:    
1, Water-based furniture paint, rattan furniture, wooden dying etc.,
2, Leather dying.
3, Printing ink, ballpoint pen and kinds of stationery ink.
4, Printing on the surface of aluminum foil, paper or metal with transparent appearance by hot stamping laser way.
5, Coatings on the surface of water-based plastic products, children toy (Vacuum plating etc.,)