Nantong Blue Printing And Dyeing Technology Application World Heritage Work Started

Date:Nov 22, 2019

Wu Yuanxin, vice chairman of China Folk Artists Association and curator of Nantong blue printed fabric Museum, revealed here that the application for world intangible cultural heritage of Nantong blue printed fabric printing and dyeing technology has officially started.            

Wu Yuanxin told Xinhua in an interview at a series of art activities of "intangible cultural heritage and life - Daji" held in Tianjin recently that in the past, blue printed cloth was closely related to people's lives. "Whether it's the swaddling cloth wrapped around the baby when he was born or the quilt surface embroidered with the patterns of" unicorn sends children "," Phoenix plays peony "when the new couple gets married, it's all blue printed cloth."           

It is understood that blue printed cloth originated from the folk of the Southern Song Dynasty, with a strong local flavor, with its affinity for color, it is suitable for making all kinds of folk daily necessities and decorations. Its themes are peace, auspiciousness, wealth, fortune, longevity, love and so on. In 2006, Nantong blue printing and dyeing technology was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.            

"Nowadays, only by expanding and innovating in form can blue printed cloth return to the people and serve the modern people better. But the premise is that the core traditional skills cannot be changed, such as hand engraving, hand scraping, hand dyeing, hand drying Every process and process should be original. " When talking about the inheritance and protection of blue printing and dyeing technology, Wu Yuanxin said so.            

"Nantong blue printing and dyeing technology is preparing to apply for the world intangible cultural heritage project, and a lot of basic work has been carried out." Wu Yuanxin disclosed that the field work of blue printed cloth has been started. It is planned to use 5-8 years to conduct the filing investigation of traditional Chinese printing and dyeing technology, and to collate and publish 20 volumes of Chinese blue printed cloth. "The production of the sample volume has begun, and the first volume will be officially published in 2016. It is estimated that it will take about 8-10 years for all of them to be completed."            

Wu Yuanxin said that once the application for the world heritage is successful, they will, together with relevant parties, on the one hand, continue to expand the living space of blue calico, so that it can achieve sustainable development; on the other hand, they will continue to carry out academic research, protect in research and inherit in protection.