Non-foaming Soaping Powder

Date:Jul 04, 2019

Non-foaming soaping powder is mainly used in the post-process soaping process of printing and dyeing factories. In order to reduce the appearance of dyeing defects, non-foaming soaping agent is adopted in the soaping process, which can reduce the occurrence of knotting of dyed cloth in the VAT, reduce the number of washing, save water and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

No bubble soaping powder is made from the latest research of a kind of high efficient solid without bubble soap detergent raw materials, a variety of surfactant combination and become, has excellent washing and dispersed, floating and chelating ability, almost no bubble, can be used for reactive dyes, VAT dyes, ice dye fabric after dyeing, such as soaping, fiber can be attached (not combined) in the dye wash, significantly improve the color fastness and washing fastness.

Dilution method: according to the concentration of 12~15% into 40~60 degrees of water, while adding the stirring. Until completely dissolved, i.e. liquid soaps free.

The amount of liquid soaping agent depends on the degree of floating color after dyeing and the condition of soaping, which can be adjusted according to the type of fiber, processing method and customer quality requirements.

Reference amount:

1. For reactive dyes :0.5~2g/L

2. Temperature :80~90 degrees

Time :15 to 20 minutes