Pigment Print

Date:Jun 24, 2019

Because the paint is not a water-soluble coloring material, no affinity to the fiber, its coloring depends on the film can form the polymer compound (adhesive) coating and adhesion to the fiber to achieve.

Pigment printing can be used in any fiber textile processing, in the blending, interwoven printing has more advantages, and the process is simple, a wide range of color, clear flower shape and outline, but feel is not good, friction fastness is not high.

Paint printing is the direct printing of paint, a process usually called dry printing to distinguish it from wet (or dye) printing.

Their light fastness and dry cleaning fastness are good, even excellent, so they are widely used in decorative fabrics, curtain fabrics and clothes requiring dry cleaning.

Question: how do you tell if a fabric is a paint print?

Paint printing area than the unprinted area feel a little harder, perhaps a little thicker, especially the darker color of paint printing, the difference is obvious.