Portable Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes (Protective Products)

Date:Apr 30, 2020

Effectively protect your body - Disinfectant wipes are suitable for wiping the surface of objects like hands toys phones laptops handles elevator rails elevator buttons public facilities etc,and can be used for home, travel, hotel, restaurant, kitchen, office, exhibition occasions etc.

Large capacity - Economical 20 pcs / package, one-time use, small size, easy to carry. Simple, fast and effective removal of most unclean things.

High safe quality - Skin-friendly non-woven fabric: skin-friendly and soft material. Routine cleaning, create a safe space for your body with a single wipe, residue free, fast and reliable.

Thoughtful design - Equipped with an easy-open resealable dispenser, easy to use.
Skin-friendly - Made non-woven fabric, which does not irritate the skin and quickly volatilizes without residue.

Portable Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes

Cleaning Disinfectant Wipes