Printing And Dyeing Factory Molding Machine

Date:Jun 25, 2019

I. definition of stereotypes

Finalizing is the main process of finishing. Knitted fabric can reach certain shrinkage, density and feel through the mechanical action of setting machine and the action of chemical reagents to prevent shrinkage, soften and harden.

2. Yarn thickness:

Refers to the thickness of yarn, which can be divided into English count and metric count.

1. The usual English count (Ne) is the number of 840 yards of yarn per pound of yarn. For example, 8S/1 means 8 840 yards per pound of yarn.

2. Metric count (Nm) refers to the length of yarn in meters per gram of weight. By definition, the smaller the count, the thicker the yarn. There are also denier and extra denier units for yarn thickness.

Denier (D) refers to grams of yarn per 9000 meters; Tex is the number of grams of yarn per 1000 meters. It can be seen from the definition that the larger the denier (special number) value is, the thicker the yarn is. Imperial and metric units are called fixed weight units, and denier and special units are called fixed length units.