Printing Paste In Production

Date:Jul 02, 2019

The role of printing paste in printing process has four aspects:

(1) as the thickener of printing paste, printing paste has a certain viscosity, partially offset the fabric capillary effect caused by infiltration, so as to ensure the contour of the pattern.

(2) as a dispersing medium and diluent of dyes, chemicals, auxilaries and solvents in printing pulp, each component of printing pulp can be evenly dispersed in the original paste and diluted to the specified concentration to make printing pulp.

(3) as the dye transfer agent, play the role of carrier. In printing, the dye is transferred to the fabric by means of the original paste. After drying, the colored paste film is formed in the pattern. In steaming, the dye is transferred through the film and diffuses into the fabric.

(4) used as adhesive. The original paste must have a certain adhesion to the cylinder, so as to ensure that the printing paste is kept in the concave grain of the cylinder. Printing pulp by the cylinder and pressure roller relative extrusion, so that the pulp can stick to the fabric. After drying, the colored paste film on the fabric must have a greater ability to drill the fabric, not from the fabric off.