Processing Equipment In Dye Production

Date:Apr 03, 2020

Processing equipment (post-processing equipment) is an important means to complete post-processing operations. Reasonable design and selection of processing equipment is the first condition for successful completion of post-processing operations. It can be said that the development of post-processing technology cannot be separated from the progress of equipment.

In other words, the development of equipment is also promoting the continuous development of post-processing technology. In dye processing, the use of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes play an important role in desalting water-soluble dyes and improving purity. The development and application of ultra-fine crushing equipment can reduce the particle size of dyes to about 1 μm. The application of drying technology and equipment is also very extensive. At present, there are many professional manufacturers of drying equipment to conduct research and development of dye drying equipment. An independent industrial sector has been formed. Domestically produced drying equipment can basically meet the needs of dye drying.

In some literatures, processing equipment is often divided into the category of chemical equipment, and it is regarded as a general equipment of chemical equipment. From the perspective of dyestuff specialty, it should be regarded as special equipment. In dye post-processing, due to the characteristics of dye production and commercialization, these factors are very closely related. There is no special effect for general-purpose equipment. The quality of commodities has a strong dependence on the equipment to a certain extent. Targeted design can maximize the potential of the device.