Promise: Align Disperse Dyes Price Rise, Performance Elastic Huge

Date:Jan 26, 2016

Disperse dyes prices rise and elastic huge performance. 2014 the company disperse dye production capacity of 11,000 tons, with disperse dyes in Dongying projects coming on stream, the company capacity has reached 20,000 tons of disperse dyes. In accordance with corporate planning, capacity will be gradually increased to 36,000 tons of disperse dyes. Rise in price of disperse dyes in 2014 to 36,000 yuan per ton to more than 50,000 yuan per ton now, prices increased by 5000 Yuan grow thick with disperse dyes EPS0.2. According to 45,000 yuan per ton, 20,000 tons of sales estimates, the company disperse dyes for margins of up to 460 million this year.