Promote Textile And Garment Industry And Poverty Alleviation To A New Level

Date:Nov 18, 2019

On the afternoon of November 15, "poverty alleviation of industrial industry and Rural Revitalization - entering Nanchong, Sichuan" special meeting on textile and garment industry transfer and docking cooperation was held. Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Department of consumer goods industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Feng Jinhua, deputy director of the Department of economy and information technology of Sichuan Province, and Zhu Hua, deputy mayor of Nanchong municipal government attended the meeting.

Cao Xuejun said that Nanchong has a long history of silk culture foundation and profound technology accumulation. In recent years, Nanchong has combined silk culture with modern technology to develop industrial tourism and characteristic towns, which has positive significance for the spread of Nanchong silk culture and the brand building of silk enterprises. Nanchong will further strengthen cooperation with national silk enterprises, brand enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises with the help of this docking Cooperation Symposium, so as to improve the level of silk production technology and increase the proportion of middle-end products. It is necessary to carry forward the historical culture of silk, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of silkworm resources and the expansion of product market, cultivate a characteristic silk town integrating design, R & D, processing, manufacturing, tourism and consumption, form a good silk industry ecology, and help Nanchong and Sichuan Rural Revitalization and economic development.

Feng Jinhua said that 2019 is the key and decisive year to win the battle of poverty alleviation. Industrial poverty alleviation is the fundamental strategy to stabilize poverty alleviation and an important guarantee to promote the sustainable income increase of the poor. The activity of "poverty alleviation by industrial industry and Rural Revitalization: entering Nanchong, Sichuan" is one of the series of activities of "promotion conference of poverty alleviation by industrial industry in Sichuan Province in 2019", and it is also an innovative measure for the Ministry of industry and information technology to support Sichuan to enhance its regional characteristic advantages and promote the industrial poverty alleviation in depth. In recent years, Sichuan has vigorously developed characteristic advantageous industries and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries The textile industry of the whole province has gradually formed the basic pattern of "continuous enhancement of industrial scale, improvement of industrial system, gradual improvement of industrial agglomeration, more obvious characteristic advantages, and continuous improvement of innovation ability". The industrial chain featuring viscose, printing and dyeing, and tooling has been gradually completed, industrial agglomeration has been gradually formed, and influence competition has been formed The strength is constantly improving. In 2018, the province's textile industry achieved a main operating revenue of 121.09 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4% year on year. From January to September this year, the added value of textile industry and clothing industry above designated size increased by 4.9% and 4.7% respectively, maintaining a steady and positive development trend.

Sichuan is the hometown of Lei Zu, the inventor of sericulture and silk drawing. It is the origin of Chinese silk. Its natural conditions are suitable for mulberry and silkworm, and it has been the main silk production area in China since ancient times. Sichuan silk plays an important role in the country. Both Sichuan brocade and Sichuan embroidery are listed in the world intangible cultural heritage. The production of silk and satin ranks first in the country, the production of cocoon silk ranks second in the country, and the production of silk quilt ranks fourth in the country. Nanchong is an important cocoon and silk base in our province, a famous Silk Town, and the only "silk capital of China" in the western region. In recent years, Nanchong has grasps the strategic opportunity of "one belt and one road", fully exerts the role of silk link, vigorously promotes the silk spinning and garment industry as a hundred billion cluster, constantly optimizes the development environment, and constructs a new pattern of open development. In 2018, Nanchong was awarded the title of "three products" strategic demonstration city of consumer goods industry by the Ministry of industry and information technology, regaining the glory of silk city and winning the development opportunity.

Zhu Hua said that Nanchong is the only "silk capital of China" in Western China. The successful holding of this conference will further promote the transformation and upgrading of Nanchong's textile and clothing industry and promote the revitalization of the countryside. Nanchong generals will meet, implement and implement the spirit of the conference, promote the textile and clothing industry and poverty alleviation work to a new level; will promote the revitalization of rural areas through industrial poverty alleviation, accelerate industrial development, and build a beautiful "Silk Road dream".