Reactive Blue 19

Date:Aug 07, 2019

Reactive Brilliant Blue KN-R;C.I.Reactive Blue KN-R;C.I.Reactive Blue 1



Properties: blue powder, the color is close to the reduced blue RSN.


1. Reactive Brilliant Blue KN-R can be used for dyeing cotton and viscose fiber. It has high affinity, good leveling property and general fixing rate. It is suitable for various dyeing methods. When used for dip dyeing and padding, it can be combined with active golden M-R and reactive red KN-5B to form three primary colors, and dye various light colors; or with active golden M-G and active red M-8B to form three primary colors, and dye each medium color. Also used for direct printing of cotton and viscose fabrics, such as direct printing of fiber-filled fabrics and viscose fabrics. It can also be used for vinylon fiber dyeing. 2. Dyeing and printing, protein dyeing agent for cotton, viscose, hemp, silk and cotton fabrics.

[Special model]

1: Reactive Brilliant Blue KN-R (HG)

It is an improved product of Reactive Brilliant Blue KN-R common type, especially in dyeing dark color, it has good leveling performance and dark dyeing performance, and is suitable for dyeing process with high requirements on leveling performance, such as cheese yarn. Dyeing, garment dyeing, etc.

2: Reactive Brilliant Blue KN-R (SP)

It has excellent salt and alkali resistance and is suitable for continuous dyeing and cold rolling piles.

Recently, Indian customers have purchased the Reactive Blue 19 CRUDE, and the high strength of Reactive Blue 19 can be produced in our factory. If you want to know more, please check the product link. Reactive Brill blue 19Contact: