Reactive Dyes Are Commonly Used In Three Primary Colors: 3BS Red (C.I. Reactive Red 195)

Date:Jun 20, 2019

Reactive dyes are commonly used in three primary colors: 3BS red (C.I. Reactive Red 195)

Basic Information

product name:

Reactive Red 3BS, Reactive Red M-3BE, Reactive Red M-3BF, Reactive Red SP-3B, Reactive Brilliant Red ME-3BS, etc.

Molecular formula: C31H19ClN7Na5O19S6

Molecular weight: 1136.32

CAS: 93050-79-4

Structural formula: Reactive red 3BS has two isomers, generally referred to as the meta-ester C.I. Reactive Red 195, and some is the para-ester C.I. Reactive Red 241 (241 price is several times 195).