Reflection On Quality Under The Pressure Of Responsibility

Date:Nov 20, 2019

In the commodity society, as long as the product is attractive enough, it can also become a hit. The construction of ecological civilization is the fundamental plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. At present, it has been incorporated into the overall layout of China's national development and driven into the fast lane. The green development that conforms to nature and protects ecology shows the future. Under the increasingly severe environment protection situation, the textile industry urgently needs to form a responsibility consensus from the dimension of sustainable development, promote multi-dimensional responsibility co governance, promote the industry development ecology of green, transparent, good and win-win, and build a new industrial civilization and commercial civilization.            

"We find that behind a beautiful fashion and high-quality products, people have to pay a heavy price for the pollution and destruction of the ecological environment. High quality is a kind of responsibility to consumers, but whether high quality means greater pollution to the environment is worth our consideration in multiple dimensions. Under the new orientation of "technology, fashion and green" industry, sustainable development has become the consensus and values of industry development. In the ecological chain of design, R & D, production, trade, logistics and consumption, we should take responsibility as the guide to make overall consideration and reduce the environmental pressure of the industry through the change of life style. " That's what Fu Guangwei said.            

The industry's understanding of design has been more focused on appearance fashion, production process and technology, but there are few designs based on carbon dioxide emissions. "High quality development requires that at the beginning of design, it should be responsibility oriented, responsible for both consumers and green mountains. This is a very worthy of in-depth exploration of industrial development philosophy. All of these require us to change and improve from simple quality to industry management, to consumer values and even consumer values. In terms of the testing field, we need to promote the diversified development of standards and quality, which has also become the foothold of the conference structure. " Fu Guangwei said.