Scouring Agent

Date:Jul 02, 2019

Desizing, scouring, bleaching and mercerizing are all important processes before printing and dyeing.

Scouring is to boil desiccated cotton fabric in 10g/L dilute caustic soda solution for several hours to remove impurities such as cotton seed shell, waxy material, pectin material, nitrogenous material and pigment from cotton fiber, as well as remaining sizing material on the cloth, so as to obtain good appearance and water absorption performance, and effectively improve dyeing and finishing effect.

Synthetic fibers do not require scouring, but cotton blends do, but soda should be used instead of caustic soda, or a less concentrated caustic soda solution should be used.

Some surfactant should be added in the scouring liquid to improve the permeability of alkali liquid, promote the emulsification of waxy substance, and further shake and disperse the impurities separated from fiber in the scouring liquid.