Selection Of Textile Dyes

Date:Jul 15, 2019

Different ingredients of the fabric, the application of dyes and dyeing methods are not the same, such as cotton fabric for sulphur dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, etc., and polyester fabrics for disperse dyes, and hair fabrics and more use of acid dyes.

Different varieties of fabrics suitable for which dyes and dyeing methods are not the same, such as denim often use sulphur dyes, indigo dyes and so on but not applicable for reactive dyes. Medical uniforms use Shihlin dyes, not suitable for vulcanized dyes and so on.

The same fabric, different dyes coloring, fabric style and performance will also be very different. The color of cotton vulcanized black fabric is enough, but easy to brittle, strength reduction, low color fastness. Cotton active black fabric blackness is not enough, but the friction color fastness is good, no brittle phenomenon.

So understand the performance and characteristics of various dyes, and according to the composition of the fabric, style and use, select the appropriate dye staining, has important significance.

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