Shanghai International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo

Date:Nov 27, 2020

Shanghai International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo


Date: December 22-24, 2020


Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre


1. Smart clothing manufacturing

Intelligent R&D: CAD/CAM, MTM customization system, customized shopping guide APP, 3D scanning measurement, new manufacturing supply chain B2B, etc.; Intelligent ordering: ERP/GST standard working hours/APS automatic production scheduling/MES production execution/Cloud visualization control system , Overall solutions, etc.; Intelligent production: smart cutting bed, smart hanging, smart sewing, smart finishing (smart packaging finishing equipment, etc.); smart warehousing/logistics, RFID, smart stores, new retail, etc.


2. Fabric technology

Textile fabric technology, fabric black technology, new materials, functional fabrics, quick-drying fabrics, anti-ultraviolet fabrics, waterproof, breathable fabrics, windproof fleece fabrics, fleece fabric smart fabrics, trend fabrics, net red hot models, various Auxiliary equipment: computer-aided design, textile testing, etc.


3. Printing and dyeing industry

One-stop solution to the pain points of the printing and dyeing industry.

Dyeing and finishing equipment, intelligent printing and dyeing integrated solutions, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, vat dyes, functional textile auxiliaries, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, setting machines, dyeing tanks, automatic printing machines, flat/round Screen printing machines, cold transfer printing machines, waste water and waste gas treatment and other environmental protection equipment, testing, materials and complete technical solutions and energy-saving emission reduction applications.


4. Digital printing

Digital printing machine, automatic printing machine, semi-automatic printing machine, manual printing machine, flat screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine, laser cutting equipment, plate making equipment, drying tunnel, printing turret, heat transfer machine, hot stamping machine, digital jet printing System, sizing equipment, computer integrated inkjet screen system, printing auxiliaries, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, digital inks for textiles and garments, digital printing suppliers, pattern design studios, etc.