Solvent Dyes/Disperse Violet 26: Higher Plastic Colorant; Good Coloring Purpose for Oil Dyeing; Fat Dyein

Date:Dec 30, 2016
Basic Info
  • Model NO.: Disperse Violet 26

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Type: Synthetic

  • Name: Disperse Violet 26

  • Model: Disperse Violet 26

  • Export Markets: Global

  • Trademark: TIANKUN 

  • HS Code: 32041100

  • Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Orange, Green, Brown, Black

  • Usage: Plastic, Polyolefins/PS/ABS/PVC;

  • Solubility: Solubility

  • CAS NO.: 14233-37-5

  • Color: Violet

  • Sample: Free

  • Origin: China

Product Description
Unite Star Ltd. Have a team of experienced professionals hired from the best of the industry trained people.

Our company have been expanding since its inception from year 1997 as recently. We have lots of pigment sources around China and have a long term cooperation with the manufacturers.

Product Name: Disperse Violet 26/ Violet HBL/ (ROSE)Rosaplast Violet E 4R
ApplicationsPolyolefin / PS / ABS / PVC, Oil dyeing, Fat dyeing
Physical Data and Fastness Properties:
Tinting Strength %100%Moisture %≤ 2%
Soluble Matter In WaterInsolublePH7.0-8.0
Fineness Through (40Meshes)%90% PassedMelting Point ºC175ºC
Volatility (105 Deg. C) %≤1%

Our Products:

Organic Pigments
Inorganic Pigments
Fluorescent Pigments

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1. Organic Pigments
For Coating: Industrial Paint; Coil Coating; Powder Coating; Water Based Paint; Solvent Based Paint; AUTO Paint; Textile Printing; ect.
Pigment Yellow 1Pigment Yellow 74Pigment Red 13Pigment Red 57:1Pigment Red 177Pigment Violet 19
Pigment Yellow 3Pigment Yellow 83Pigment Red 21Pigment Red 63:1Pigment Red 254Pigment Violet 23
Pigment Yellow 12Pigment Yellow 150Pigment Red 22Pigment Red 112Pigment Orange 5Pigment Blue 15:1
Pigment Yellow 13Pigment Red 2Pigment Red 48:2Pigment Red 122Pigment Orange 13Pigment Blue 15:3
Pigment Yellow 14Pigment Red 3Pigment Red 48:3Pigment Red 146Pigment Orange 34Pigment Green 7
Pigment Yellow 65Pigment Red 8Pigment Red 48:4Pigment Red 170Pigment Violet 3
For Plastic: PVC; PO; Fibre; PS/PC/PA; PU

Pigment Red 48:1Pigment Red 53:1Pigment Red 177Pigment Yellow 13Pigment Yellow 139Pigment Green 7
Pigment Red 48:2Pigment Red 57:1Pigment Red 254Pigment Yellow 14Pigment Violet 19
Pigment Red 48:3Pigment Red 122Pigment Orange 13Pigment Yellow 83Pigment Violet 23
Pigment Red 48:4Pigment Red 170Pigment Yellow 12Pigment Yellow 110Pigment Blue 15:3
For Inks: Offset Inks; Water Base Inks; PA; PP; NC; UV
Pigment Red 2Pigment Red 49:1Pigment Red 146Pigment Yellow 12Pigment Yellow 174Pigment Green 7
Pigment Red 4Pigment Red 49:2Pigment Red 170Pigment Yellow 13Pigment Violet 3
Pigment Red 8Pigment Red 53:1Pigment Red 266Pigment Yellow 14Pigment Violet 19
Pigment Red 22Pigment Red 57:1Pigment Orange 5Pigment Yellow 74Pigment Violet 23
Pigment Red 48:1Pigment Red 112Pigment Orange 13Pigment Yellow 83Pigment Blue 15:0
Pigment Red 48:2Pigment Red 122Pigment Orange 34Pigment Yellow 150Pigment Blue 15:3

2. Inorganic Pigments
Application: Weather Resistant Coatings / General Industrial Plastic / Industrial Coating / Industrial Inks / High Temperature Coatings / Corrosion Resistant Coatings / ect.
C.I.Product NameC.I.Product Name
Pigment Yellow 34Lemon Chrome YellowPigment Yellow 32Strontium Chrome Yellow
Pigment Yellow 34Light Chrome YellowPigment Yellow 36Zinc Chrome Yellow
Pigment Yellow 34Middle Chrome YellowPigment Red 104Molybdate Red

3. Fluorescent Pigments
SeriesColorsProduct FeaturesApplications
FV1. Pink
2. Peach Red
3. Red;
4. Orange  Red
5. Orange Yellow
6. Golden Yellow
7. Lemon Yellow
8. Green
9. Blue
10. Violet
11. Magenta
FV series is spherical pigment belonging to thermoset fluorescent resin pigment. It has speciality of brilliant shade, strong fluorescence, good dispersibility, high temperature resistance, solvent resistance and transference.FV series could be applied to all kinds of Plastic coloring like olefins and powder coating. With uniform partial size, this series has a good dispersibility which reduce roll-sticking; Because of high temperature  this series reduce deposition on coating paste; This series could be also used in varies industries like leather coating, paint, ink, paper ect.
FTWith the key feature of excellent solvent resistance, particularly the resistance to high molecular weight polar solvents such as ketones and esters, FT series fluorescent pigments can find extensive applications. At the same time, they can offer good migration resistance in PVC coloring, while predispersion of pigments is recommended, e.g. in the form of masterbatch.They are applicable in paper printing inks, screen printing inks, pencil lacquers and other paints. They are also useful in plastic coloring of PP, PE, PVC, etc.
FZFZ series florescent pigments offer brilliant colors, intense fluorescent, good dispersibility. They are free from formaldehyde, heavy metals and prohibited aromatic amines. They can withstand temperature of 260ºC, with some grades can withstand up to 280ºC, making them suitable for high temperature plastic coloring.Suitable for various high temperature plastic coloring with processing temperature ≤280ºC.
AXAX series florescent pigments offer brilliant colors, tinting strength, excellent fluorescent effect, and good dispersibility. without tendency to stick on screw during plastics processing. they are available in consistent quality and heat resistance up to 190ºC.Suitable for various plastic coloring, such as PP, PE, and PVC, with processing temperature ≤190ºC, as well as paints with limited solvent resistance requirement.
FB1. Pink
2. Peach Red
3. Red;
4. Orange  Red
5. Orange Yellow
6. Golden Yellow
7. Lemon Yellow
8. Green
9. Blue
10. Violet
11. Magenta
12. Sapphire
The features of  FB series florescent pigments include brilliant colors, intense fluorescent, good dispersibility, and fine particle size. They are available in consistent quality and complete range.Mainly used in textile printing color paste, as well as in water-based coatings.
HBHB series florescent pigments are a family of environmental friendly liquid pigments launched by the company. They offer superfine particle size, intense fluorescence, and good dispersibility. According to the SGS test report, there are not formaldehyde, heavy metals, APEO and any of the 23 aromatic amines prohibited, enabling the compliance with EU environmental requirements.Widely used in water-based coatings such as textile printing color pastels, water-based inks, water based paints, as well as fluorescent pens and advertisement inks due to their fine particle size.

4. Dyes
Solvent Dyes: Azo-and Apthraquinone-dyes with good miscibility to various plastic materials, such as polyolefins/PS/ABS/PVC etc This range also good for coloring purpose for petroleum products as well as for oil & fat dyeing.
Solvent Yellow 2Solvent Yellow 98Solvent Red 135Solvent Red 52Solvent Green 5Solvent Blue 122
Solvent Yellow 14Solvent Yellow 114Solvent Red 146Solvent Red 195Solvent Green 28Solvent Violet 13
Solvent Yellow 16Solvent Yellow 176Solvent Red 149Solvent Red 196Solvent Blue 35Disperse Violet 26
Solvent Yellow 18Solvent Orange 60Solvent Red 179Solvent Red 197Solvent Blue 36Solvent Violet 31
Solvent Yellow 33Solvent Orange 63Solvent Red 23Solvent Red 207Solvent Blue 78Solvent Violet 36
Solvent Yellow 56Solvent Orange 86Solvent Red 24Vat Red 41Solvent Blue 97Solvent Violet 37
Solvent Yellow 93Solvent Red 111Solvent Red 25Solvent Green 3Solvent Blue 104Solvent Black 3
Metal Complex Dyes: Chrome-&Cobalt-Complex solvent dyes with excellent solubility and miscibility in wide range of organic solvents, as well as various sort of synthetic and natural resins. The outstanding properties of solubility in solvents, light and heat fastness and strong color strength are the advantage rather than current solvent dyes. It mainly be used in wood stains, bronzing, leather finishing, plastic painting, printing ink and metal painting.
Solvent Yellow 21Solvent Yellow 25Solvent Red 119Solvent Red 218Solvent Orange 99Solvent Black 27
Solvent Yellow 82Solvent Red 8Solvent Red 122Solvent Orange 45Solvent Blue 5Solvent Violet 58
Solvent Yellow 19Solvent Red 49Solvent Red 124Solvent Orange 54Solvent Blue 70Solvent Red 160
Solvent Yellow 79Solvent Red 109Solvent Red 132Solvent Orange 62Solvent Brown 43
Basic Dyes: This range is 100% pure Basic Dye, good for carbon paper coloring, Ball pen ink, printing ink, silk coloring and coloring paper. The superior quality in solubility can always meet the requirement of users.
Basic Blue 7Basic Blue 26Solvent Blue 4Solvent Blue 6Solvent Violet 9Solvent Black 46
Basic Blue 11Basic Violet 3Solvent Blue 5Solvent Violet 8Solvent Orange 3Solvent Brown 41

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