Sulfur Dyes

Date:Apr 19, 2019

Sulfur dyes have been in existence for more than 100 years since their inception. The first sulphur dyes were made by Croissant and Bretonniere in 1873. They will contain mechanical fiber materials such as wood chip humus, bran, waste cotton and waste. Paper or the like is obtained by heating with a sulfide base and a polysulfide base. The dark color has a malodorous hygroscopic dye, the composition is not fixed and is easily soluble in water, and a green dye is obtained when dyeing cotton in an alkaline bath and a sodium sulfide bath. The cotton cloth can be brown when exposed to air or chemically oxidized with a dichromate solution. Due to their excellent dyeing properties and low cost, these dyes can be used in the cotton dyeing industry.

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