The Characteristics Of Vat Dyes

Date:Oct 25, 2019

The remarkable characteristics of vat dyes that are currently not completely replaceable with other dyes have led to their development in recent years. For example, the color is mostly in the middle color, and is basically a single component, and the dyeing reproducibility is good, especially green, olive green, flesh, brown and gray; compared with other cellulose fiber dyes, it has superior Chlorine fastness, fastness, light fastness, wet fastness and other composite fastness; good stability after printing and dyeing fabric processing, such as general resin processing, shape memory processing, shape stable processing, deodorant and antibacterial processing, etc. Sex and fastness, small discoloration; suitable for one-bath dyeing of cotton blended fabrics; the sorption and dye utilization of fibers are high when used, the COD load in wastewater is low, and it is easy to be insoluble precipitate after oxidation; Some varieties have special spectral properties, such as absorption of infrared rays, etc., which are suitable for special purposes; chemical structures do not contain azo groups, and are non-metallic types.