The Dyeing Principle For Sulphur Dyes

Date:Mar 23, 2019

Sulfur dye itself is insoluble in water, but it can be restored by an alkali sulphide, will eventually get a saline substance and dissolved in water, this article such as liquid of the fibers has a strong role, that is simple fiber can absorb, after absorption and passes through the oxidation of the dye transform into a state of insoluble in water, this time will be deposited on the fiber. In the process of dyeing temporary, alkali sulfide can be used as a restorer, but also as an alkali agent.

To ensure that the sulphide base can be fully used, not only need to improve the temperature, and can also be appropriate to add some baking soda, but the amount can not be too much, or it will form the problem of uneven dyeing. In the use of sulfide dyeing process, also can use soda ash to regulate ph value, as a result of the alkaline substances can promote the dissolution rate of dye, can also be together in the necessarily, water softening, together can also attend the appropriate baking soda, its main intent is to promote alcali sulphide differentiation speed, let alcali sulphide copy to faster. In the dyeing process, the amount of alkali sulfide used should also be different according to the different amount of dye selected, in general, the amount of dye used should be 20-100% of this period. Dyeing time to be able to increase the temperature point, so that you can get a better dyeing effect.

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