The Extraction Of Common Dyes

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Plucking, also known as stripping, is generally used to use chemical reactions to destroy the combination of dyes and fibers on the fiber, destroy the structure of dyes on the fiber, so that the dye stripping fibers and can not hair color.

There are two kinds of commonly used color remover: reductive color remover and oxidizing color remover.

Reduction agent: commonly used insurance powder, carving white powder. They destroy the hair color system in the molecular structure of dyes to achieve the purpose of fading and fading. For dyes with azo structure, the azo group can be reduced to an amino group without color. However, the damage of reducing agent to the hair color system of some structural dyes is reversible, such as the hair color system of anthraquinone structure, so its fading can be restored.

Oxidation puller: hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite are commonly used. Under certain conditions, oxidants can destroy some groups that make up the dye molecule hair color system, such as azo decomposition, amino oxidation, hydroxyl methylation, and metal ion separation. These irreversible structural changes, can lead to dye fading and color elimination, so theoretically speaking, oxidation agent can achieve complete color withdrawal, anthraquinone structure of dyes using this kind of agent, the effect is particularly good