The Properties For Micropowder Disperse Dyes

Date:May 21, 2019

The Properties for our Micropowder Disperse Dyes

*Excellent dispersion property 

*Smaller particle size than normal disperse dyes. 

*Excellent Performance for Sublimation inks and digital ink-jet inks.

*Good Producibility and Brilliance on the dacron fabric. 

*Dry/Wet rubbing fastness or Washing fastness can reach to 5 grade.

*The best transfer printing condition is at the paste viscosity of 60 mPa·s

and under the temperature of 210 ℃,the best time is around 40 seconds.

*The recommended particle size is 150-200 nm,which will reflect good stability.

*Conductivity is below 100 us/m in general.

*Magnetic metal content is less than or equal to 100PPM.

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