The Role Of Silicone Oil In The Textile Industry

Date:Jul 24, 2020

Silicone oil can be used as fabric softener, lubricant, waterproof agent, finishing agent, etc. in the textile and apparel industry. In order to meet the high-end needs of textiles, chemical product manufacturers are also constantly developing silicone oils that can be used in the same bath as various functional additives such as waterproofing agents, flame retardants, antistatic agents, and color fixing agents. In addition, in order to improve the performance of the fabric, there are silicone products that can be used in the same bath as dyeing, silicone oil for cotton with a cool feeling, silicone products that can improve the feel of the fabric, and an excellent deepening effect and storage stability that can be given to the fabric Good, do not affect the color fastness, feel good silicone deepening agent, etc.

In addition to the functionalization of textiles as additives in textiles, silicone products will also be used in other fields of textiles, such as the combination of silicone and polyurethane to form a fabric coating; the polymerization of silicone and acrylic to form a textile printing; organic Silicon and organic fluorine combine to form a waterproof coating on the surface of the fabric.