The Transfer Of Indian Textile Orders To China: Normal Market Behavior

Date:Oct 22, 2020

Textile orders return! In recent months, my country's domestic home textile orders have eased from the "cold winter" in the first half of the textile and apparel industry, ushering in a new round of hot period. It is directly reflected in the stock market. On Wednesday, October 14th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened lower and weakened to consolidate. Only the ChiNext index once turned red and approached 2800 points in early trading. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.56%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.78%, and the ChiNext The index fell by 0.74%, and the total turnover of the two cities throughout the day was 827.646 billion yuan.

In recent months, many large-scale export-oriented textile companies in India have been unable to guarantee normal delivery due to the epidemic. Many orders originally produced in India have been transferred to my country for production. Among them, orders for towels and bed sheets are relatively large. Regarding the fact that many export textile companies in India could not guarantee delivery due to the epidemic, and many orders were transferred to my country for production, Li Xingqian, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said: I sincerely hope that India can contain the epidemic as soon as possible and resume normal production and life. Each of us is a consumer. In the face of diversified market supply, we will shop around when we purchase, and select high-quality, inexpensive and reliable merchants and products. The same is true for international trade. Multinational companies adjust order-to-order production on a global scale, and international buyers select suppliers based on production capacity. These are all normal market behaviors.