The Trend Of Chinese Textile Fabrics In Spring And Summer 2021

Date:Dec 23, 2019

The proposal meeting was held at the end of December by Keqiao. It was sponsored by China Textile Information Center, national textile product development center, China Light Textile City Construction Management Committee, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. It was sponsored by China Women's clothing fabric fashion trend research institute and China textile fabric fashion trend research and release alliance , organized by Keqiao fashion alliance, gathered multi-dimensional intelligent forces such as textile elites, trend experts, cross-border talents, well-known designers and representatives of textile enterprises dominated by trend alliance enterprises, as well as more than 100 big data technology experts, representatives of local textile and clothing industry in Keqiao and influential media journalists to participate in the proposal meeting, crowdfunding fashion wisdom and creating popular trends.

The proposal will take the specialty as the core and the product as the essence, comprehensively collide wisdom and inspire creative innovation from three aspects of trend research, creative development and value landing.