Thermal Transfer Printing

Date:May 10, 2019

The thermal transfer printing process began in the 20th century with the beginning of the 60th generation. Its predecessor was the use of chemical fiber cloth as a test carrier for thermal transfer printing. With the further development of science and technology, thermal transfer printing technology has gradually penetrated into more fields, from the initial fabric printing, to metal, plastic and other materials, from planar objects to irregular irregular objects.

Later, the thermal transfer printing technology has been further refined. For example, clothing heat transfer printing is extended, such as: hot-melt heat transfer printing, sublimation heat transfer printing, digital heat transfer printing, and the like.

The printing technology integrates green, environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving, emission reduction and ecology, and is a major breakthrough in textile printing technology. The printed fabric has soft hand feeling, bright color, rich layers and good air permeability.

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