'Thousand People Conference' Shocked The Opening, Grasping The 'current Situation' To Become A Textile Power

Date:Dec 06, 2019

In the spirit of streamlining the meeting, on December 5, the Sixth Expansion meeting of the fourth executive director of China Textile Industry Federation, the 2019 China Textile Innovation annual meeting, the 2019 national textile industry cluster review work summary meeting, and the eighth national textile industry management innovation achievement promotion work meeting were held in Beijing.

Gao Yong, secretary-general and secretary-general of China Federation of textile industry, sun Ruizhe, former presidents Du Yuzhou and Wang Tiankai, Gao Yanmin, director of consumer goods industry department of Ministry of industry and information technology, Yang Jichao and Xia Lingmin, vice presidents of China Federation of textile industry, Chen Weikang, deputy secretary of Party committee, Wang Jiuxin, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, Xu Yingxin, Chen Dapeng, Li Lingshen, Duan Xiaoping, Yang Zhaohua, Vice Presidents Sun Huaibin, invited vice president of the 4th Council of China Textile Federation, representative of governing unit, member of leading group of all departments and member units of China Textile Federation, alliance enterprise for research and release of trend of Chinese textile popular fabrics, representative of 2019 China Textile Innovation annual conference, representative of 2019 review work summary conference of national textile industry cluster, and the 8th National Textile Industry Management Innovation Nearly one thousand delegates attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by Gao Yong, secretary general and Secretary General of China Textile Industry Federation.