Trichromat Disperse Dyes Factory Wholesale

Date:Nov 03, 2017

Trichromat disperse dyes 

Disperse dyes can be divided into three types. One is E type, the second is SE type, and the third one is S type.

E type disperse dyes are with good leneling property and compatibility, while they are with relatively bad washing and sublimation fastness and suitable for light colour dyeing.The recomendation trichromatic colors are disperse yellow 54,

disperse red 60, and disperse blue 56.

S type disperse dyes are with good colour fastness and good compatability and uniformity od dyeing rate.

Please be careful to control the PH at 4.5-5.5 during the use of disperse blue 79.  Thye are including disperse orange 30,disperse red 167 and disperse blue 79.

SE type properties are between E type and S type. Disperse orange 29,disperse red 73 and disperse blue 183, the three items are the SE type trichromat.