Various Dye Dissolution Methods Ⅰ

Date:May 25, 2020

1. Direct dyes:

Direct dyes have relatively good heat resistance stability. Direct dyes can be solubilized by adding soda soft water. When making materials, first adjust the dye with cold soft water to make a paste, then boil the soft water to stir and dissolve, heat the water to dilute it, add water to the regulations after cooling Liquid volume.

2.reactive dyes:

This kind of dye is not heat-resistant, easy to hydrolyze at high temperature. It is better to use cold soft water to make it into a slurry, and then dissolve it with soft water at a suitable temperature according to the hydrolysis stability of different dyes, dilute it with heated soft water, and add soft water to the specified amount after cooling.

Low temperature type (X type): Use cold water or 30-35 ℃ warm water (almost eliminated)

High temperature type (K type, HE type, etc.) with 70-80 ℃ hot water

Medium temperature type (KN, M type) with 60-70 ℃ hot water

90 ℃ hot water with low solubility