Various Dye Dissolution Methods Ⅲ

Date:May 29, 2020

5. Disperse dyes:

The temperature is too high, disperse dyes are easy to crystallize out. It is advisable to adjust the slurry with cold and soft water first, then use cold and soft water to make the material below 40 ℃, and add soft water to the specified liquid volume.

6. Acid Dyes:

The thermal stability of acid dyes is relatively good. When acid dyes are converted into chemicals, the dyes are first slurried with cold soft water, then boiled with soft water and stirred to dissolve. Heated soft water is diluted, and after cooling, soft water is added to the specified amount.

7. Cationic dyes:

The thermal stability of cationic dyes is relatively good. When making materials, firstly use concentrated acetic acid (solubility) to adjust the dye into a slurry, then boil the soft water to stir and dissolve, dilute it by heating the water, add soft water to the prescribed amount after cooling.