Waiting Holiday: H & M Home2019 Latest Christmas Collection

Date:Nov 18, 2019

To be honest, we held on for a long time, but in the end, we couldn't resist the temptation Our favorite H & m home recently launched a new Christmas series, which we didn't rush to release, thus delaying the dull moment. However, as Christmas and new year are actually very close, we can no longer accommodate the festive atmosphere. There is only one more month left. I wish you a lot of inspiration and happy preparation this year!

In order to commemorate Saint Lucia's bringing light, food and poverty to this cold and dark land, the Nordic people spend the night of Lucia on December 13 every year. In every part of the day, there will be some women playing Lucia, dressed in white robes, with golden wreaths with candles on their heads, holding gingers and saffron buns with raisins in their hands, singing Christmas carols and sending people light and food. Everyone sang "the song of Saint Lucia" together The night was heavy, shrouded in courtyards and houses, and shadows swirled in the inaccessible corners of the sun, and she came to our dark room, with a bright candle overhead. Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia... " These lyrics inspire people to live each day with light and hope.