Ways To Improve Color Fastness

Date:Apr 23, 2019

The so-called color fastness (referred to as color fastness) means that the dyed fabric is subjected to external factors during the use or processing (extrusion, friction, water washing, rain, exposure, light, seawater impregnation, saliva impregnation, water stain, perspiration). The degree of fading under the action is an important indicator of fabric. The most commonly used are washable, lightfast, rubbing and perspiration resistant, ironing resistant, weather resistant and the like.

The factors affecting the color fastness of textiles are mainly divided into internal factors and external factors. Internal factors refer to the degree of firmness of the combination of dye and fiber. External factors refer to the external force or environmental conditions imposed by external factors during the use of the product. External factors cannot be controlled, so producers must work hard to improve the color fastness of the product itself.

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