Ways To Improve The Light Fastness Of Dyes

Date:Mar 21, 2019

1, to improve the dye structure, so that it can spend light energy together as far as possible to reduce the impact of the dye hair color system, and then adhere to the original color; That is often referred to as a high fastness dye. This kind of dyestuff is generally higher than the general dyestuff in price.

2, if the fabric has been dyed, and the sun fastness is not up to the requirements, can also be improved by additives. In the process of dyeing or dyeing after adding the appropriate additives, so that when it is exposed to light before the dye light reaction, light energy consumption, in order to maintain the effect of dye molecules. Generally divided into ultraviolet absorbent and anti - ultraviolet agents, the general name of the fastness agent.

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