What Effect Does The PH On The Fabric Have On The Color?

Date:Jul 15, 2020

Most of the reactive dyed fabrics will have a large difference in color under different pH conditions, so in the actual production process, we must pay attention to the pH of the fabric, especially when imitating the color of other factories. The pH situation, otherwise, although the color before washing is similar, the possibility of a large difference in color after washing will be very large.

Due to the difference in the blending of similar products between various dye suppliers, the same type of dye will change differently under different pH conditions between different suppliers.In actual production, it is necessary to understand the dyes through experimental comparison Law of change.

Several issues that need to be paid attention to in actual production: Because the pH of human epidermis is generally 5.5~6.5, and the most suitable pH environment for human skin is 5.0~5.6, therefore, the pH of clothing fabrics is generally required to be controlled at 5~8. Different dyeing factories have different pH control parameters for fabrics according to their own operating habits and equipment conditions, which causes the same color to be produced in different dyeing factories due to the difference between the pH of the fabrics and the color after washing. The big difference between.