Why Should We Renovate The Printing And Dyeing Industry

Date:Dec 30, 2019

In recent years, with the economic and social transformation and upgrading, the transformation of industrial structure in Nanhu District has accelerated. At present, although the printing and dyeing industry is not the leading industry in Nanhu District, it is a major energy consumption and pollution discharge industry. Judging from the current situation of the whole district, the printing and dyeing industry is a typical "two high and one low" industry. The whole industrial layout is scattered, and the average tax revenue per mu is only about 100000 yuan, which not only has a significant impact on the ecological environment, but also seriously restricts the high-quality development of Nanhu District.

Therefore, carrying out the special renovation of printing and dyeing industry has become an important part of environmental protection, which is not only the practical need of resource elements, but also the inevitable requirement of optimizing the industrial structure.