Wuhan Zara Store Closed

Date:Jan 03, 2020

According to the interface fashion query, all stores of Zara, a Spanish fast fashion brand, in Wuhan have been closed, and the front door has been pasted with the seal of Wuhan public security fire bureau.

Zara has 4 stores in Wuhan, including Wanda Plaza store in Hanjie, central department store, Huiju Center store and Wanda Plaza store in Lingjiao lake. According to many Wuhan netizens on Sina Weibo, all four stores have been closed before December 28.

After the interface fashion query, it is found that the information of Wuhan stores on Zara China official website is missing. At present, the official website only lists the shop information of Zara Lingjiao Lake Wanda Plaza store. Interface fashion calls 4 Zara Wuhan stores, none of which are connected.

In addition, some Wuhan netizens reported that many of Swarovski's stores in Wuhan, including Lingjiao Lake Wanda store, Hanjie store and Huiju Center store, were also sealed with fire seals and closed.

Some microblog netizens said that Zara Wuhan store was closed because the fire inspection of Wanda Plaza store on Zara Han Street failed, so all Zara stores in Wuhan were closed for rectification. In addition, Weibo netizens speculated that Zara had closed its shop during the strike in Hong Kong earlier this time, which might be related to this. None of the above speculation has been confirmed.

Interface fashion asked INDITEX group, Zara's parent company, for this matter, Zara sent an official statement to interface news: "Zara is currently upgrading its stores in Wuhan. During this period, customers in Wuhan can visit Zara's official website or Zara tmall's official flagship store to buy a full range of products. We look forward to the reopening of Wuhan stores as soon as possible. "