Zhejiang Hold Expert Services Enterprises Covering New Fiber Materials, Green Dyeing And Finishing Technology

Date:Jun 20, 2019

The day before yesterday afternoon, zhejiang province expert service enterprise high quality development special activity and the first talent project roadshow matchmaking held in the provincial talent market. Experts and scholars from zhejiang university of science and technology brought 8 road show projects and 41 on-site negotiation projects.

It is learned that the organizer collected 43 talent projects and 758 patent technologies from zhejiang university of science and technology in the early stage, covering new fiber materials, green dyeing and finishing technology, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects. Human resources and social security departments also focus on the province's textile enterprises are relatively dense areas, to carry out door-to-door service, let enterprises choose interested projects in advance docking, and through the on-site road show, centralized negotiations, to help the implementation of the project.

In addition, the human resources and social security department will cooperate with universities and scientific research institutes in the province to focus on "digital economy", "biomedicine", "new materials" and other fields, and carry out a series of special activities to solve the "neck jam" problems such as lack of talents and talent projects in the development of enterprises. At the same time, human resources and social security departments across the country will also collect outstanding talent programs from universities and research institutes, accelerating the construction of a multi-level and all-round talent program service system.