yarn dyeing

yarn dyeing

Hangzhou Tiankun Chem Co.,Ltd is one of the top level China disperse red BG manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy and wholesale cheap and quality disperse red 362 from us, and check products price with us. Disperse Red BG Product Name : Disperse Red BG; Disperse Fluorescent Pink BG;...

Product Details

TIANKUN CHEM has excellent yarn dyeing sales teams, a control unit, laboratories, for efficient and effective delivery and every part of the product delivery process is fine turned to meet the personalized demands of the world markets. It is well supported by qualified techno-commercial professionals for better customer service and application support.

yarn dyeing

NO.Product NameNO.Product Name
1Disp.Yellow 56 200% 2Disp. Yellow RGFL 100%  E
(C.I.Disperse Yellow 56)(C.I.Disperse Yellow 23)
3Disp. Yellow E-3G 200%  E4Disp. Yellow 3GE 200%  E
(C.I.Disperse Yellow 54)(C.I.Disperse Yellow 64)
5Disp. Yellow 8GFF 200%  SE6Disp. Yellow S-G 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Yellow 82  )(C.I.Disperse Yellow 79)
7Disp. Yellow 6GS 200%  S8Disp. Yellow 5G 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Yellow 114)(C.I.Disperse Yellow 119)
9Disp. Yellow BRL 200%  S10Disp. Yellow 4G  200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Yellow 163)(C.I.Disperse Yellow 211)
11Disp. Yellow 10G 400%  SE12Disp. Yellow 5GL 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Yellow 184:1)(C.I.Disperse Yellow 241)
13Disp. Orange E-RL 200%  E14Disp. Orange E-RL 220%  E
(C.I.Disperse Orange 25)(C.I.Disperse Orange 25)
15Disp. Orange SE-RBL 200%  SE  16Disp. Orange S-4RL  100%  S
(C.I.Disperse Orange 29)(C.I.Disperse Orange 30)
17Disp. Orange S-4RL 150%  S18Disp. Orange 2G-FS 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Orange 30)(C.I.Disperse Orange 44)
19Disp. Orange SE-3RLN 200%  SE20Disp. Orange SE 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Orange 61 )(C.I.Disperse Orange 73)
21Disp. Red B 200%  E22Disp. Red BD 200%  E
(C.I.Disperse Red 1)(C.I.Disperse Red 13)
23Disp. Red E-2GFL 200%  E24Disp. Red S-3GFL 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 50)(C.I.Disperse Red 54)
25Disp. Red FB 200%  E26Disp. Red SE-GFL 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Red 60)(C.I.Disperse Red 73)
27Disp. Red S-R 100%  S28Disp. Red S-R 150%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 74)(C.I.Disperse Red 74)
29Disp. Red BEL 200%  SE30Disp. Red BS 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 92)(C.I.Disperse Red 152)
31Disp. Red GS 200%  SE32Disp. Red S-5BL 100%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 153)(C.I.Disperse Red 167)
33Disp. Red SE-GF 200%  SE34Disp. Red FRL 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 167)(C.I.Disperse Red 177)
35Disp. Red C-2RL 200%  S36Disp. Red HBBL 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Red 179)(C.I.Disperse Red 82)
37Disp. Red G 200%  SE38Disp. Red F-3BS 100%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 277)(C.I.Disperse Red 343)
39Disp. Red F-3BS 150%  S40Disp. Red BG 100%  S
(C.I.Disperse Red 343)(C.I.Disperse Red 362)
41Disp. Violet 2R 100%  SE42Disp. Violet 2R 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse violet 1)(C.I.Disperse Violet 1)
43Disp. Violet HFRL 100%  S44Disp. Violet HFRL 150%  S
(C.I.Disperse Violet 26)(C.I.Disperse Violet 26)
45Disp. Violet RB 200%  SE46Disp. Violet RL 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Violet 33)(C.I.Disperse Violet 63)
47Disp. Violet B 300%  SE48Disp. Brown S-R 100%  S
(C.I.Disperse Violet 93)(C.I.Disperse Brown 1)
49Disp. Brown S-R 150%  S50Disp. Brown S-2BL 100%  S
(C.I.Disperse Brown 1)
51Disp. Brown S-BS 200%  S52Disp. Blue FFR 100%  E
(C.I.Disperse Blue 3)
53Disp. Blue FFR 120%  E54Disp. Blue 2BLN 100%  E
(C.I.Disperse Blue 3)(C.I.Disperse Blue 56)
55Disp. Blue 2BLN 150%  E56Disp. Blue S-GL 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Blue 56)(C.I.Disperse Blue 60)
57Disp. Blue S-BGL 200%  S58Disp. Blue GG 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Blue 73)(C.I.Disperse Blue 354)
59Disp. Blue HGL 200%  S60Disp. Blue HGL 220%  S
(C.I.Disperse Blue 79)(C.I.Disperse Blue 79)
61Disp. Blue 3RT 200%  SE62Disp. Blue BBLS 200%  S
(C.I.Disperse Blue 148)(C.I.Disperse Blue 165)
63Disp. Blue SE-3R 200%  SE64Disp. Blue CR-E 200%  SE
(C.I.Disperse Blue 183.1)(C.I.Disperse Blue 366)
65Disp. Navy Blue EX-SF ECO 300%  SE66Disp. Black EX-SF ECO G 300%  SE
67Disp. Black EXN-SF ECO R 300%  SE68Disp. Black ECT 300%  SE
69Disp. Black GI 200%  S70Disp. Black SR CONC 300%  S


We already have more than 70 countries’ customers all over the world and win good reputation all these years. Whether you have your own freight-forwarder or you would like us to arrange shipment; Whether you require delivery FOB to a port in China or CIF to a port near you, we are happy to quote and supply whichever way you choose. We also work with DHL, Fedex, EMS and other express mail service. Please feel free to discuss all options with us.




We already have more than 70 countries’ customers all over the world and win good reputation all these years.

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