Polyester, full name polyethylene terephthalate, it is a kind of organic synthetic fiber with no hydrophilicity at all. Therefore, traditional direct, acidic, reactive and other water-soluble dyes cannot be adsorbed onto this hydrophobic fiber and cannot be dyed. However, reduction and sulfur dyes have large molecules and larger associated particles, so they cannot penetrate into the polyester macromolecules with high crystallinity and dense structure.


The disperse dye is a kind of small molecular pigment without water-soluble groups. It has a good affinity with hydrophobic polyester and has a small molecule. It can take the opportunity to "drill" when the polyester fiber expands under the influence of high temperature. The gaps in polyester fibers are such that, therefore, only this dye can be used to dye polyester.

Tiankun Skycron® Disperse Dye: Blue 60 ,Yellow 114 ,Black ECO, Navy Blue ECO